Timber Floor Repair and Sanding

Timber floors are durable and age beautifully, however there will come a time when you’ll want to refresh them. Sanding, polishing and even staining your flooring is a great way to breathe new life into a room.

We often find ourselves visiting properties in established areas such as Caulfield, Toorak and Brighton to repair and rejuvenate client’s timber flooring. Day to day life takes a toll upon your flooring – be it pets, accumulated dust and dirt from a busy life, or even marks from those pesky high heels!

Re-staining the flooring has set the mood for this modern Brighton apartment. Holes, dents or nicks along with small scratches and marks can distract from the beauty of the timber.

ITB are able to sand and polish your flooring, saving you the hassle of hiring trade equipment and having to do the work yourself. Often it is necessary to navigate awkward spaces and to be careful of architraves, skirting and cabinetry.

Polishing your flooring can add colour and warmth to a room. Timber flooring is diverse in its application from traditionally styled homes to modern apartments. How they are maintained will vary depending upon the timber used, the age of the flooring and its exposure to the elements.

The team at ITB Floors are experienced at maintaining and refreshing a broad range of timber flooring. Please contact us on 0413 817 781 to learn more about how we can help you to rejuvenate and maintain your flooring.