Sanding and polishing of timber floors melbourne

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Q: I’m renovating my house, when is the best time to install the flooring and sanding/polish the floors?

A: Usually if you are installing a floor you do this after the plastering of your house. Then you install your floor, and complete off after renovation tasks and leave the floor sanding and polishing till last and with no other trades in the way.

Q: How long does a floor sanding/polishing job take?

A: Usually in an average 3-bedroom open plan home, allow about 5 days to complete works and at least 2 days drying time.

Q: What types of floor polishing materials are available?

A: We use 3 types of materials:

  • Solvent-based polish, which last for up to 10 years without re-coating however has strong hazardous material in it and requires you to be out of your house for at least 2-3 days after work is completed.
  • Water-based polish, either LOBA or BONA, the best 2 on the market. They are both low on VOCs and do not discolour the timer flooring over years. Timber flooring retains its natural look. If possible, you can stay in your house while the work is carried out.
  • Wax – Natural wax, is a hard-wearing coating that retains the natural look of the timber floor. It has no VOCs, and if possible, you can remain in your house while work is carried out. Requires more frequent maintenance than the other 2 finishes.

Q: Do we need to remove furniture before work commences?

A: All furniture has to be removed off the floor where work is conducted. Unfortunately, we do not carry out this service, as we have no insurance for furniture removal.

Q: Do tiles and carpet need to be removed and disposed?

A: We can assist in the removal of all tiles and carpet, that floorboards underneath is to be sanded and polished.

  • We cater to each and every client’s needs and requirements.
  • We can sand:
    • Newly installed timber floor
    • Engineered floor to restore
    • Old existing timber floor to restore
    • Existing raw timber floor that have never been sanded before
  • Previously stained floors are sanded to bare timber.
  • Usually, all floors are re-coated with 3 coats of polish.
  • We prefer to use LOBA water-based polish, which is imported from Germany.
  • We also use POLYCURE spirit-based polish, which is a local Durapol product.
  • Newly installed timber floors are sanded finely and 3 coats of polish are applied.
  • Parquetry floors are sanded finely and trawled with putty to fill all gaps before 2 coats of polish are applied.