Solid Timber Flooring Melbourne

With its timeless style and superior durability, it’s no surprise solid timber flooring has been one of the most popular flooring choices for centuries. At ITB Floors, we’re experts in solid timber flooring – we can reinvigorate the flooring you already have or install it new for a full home transformation. Contact us now to get custom advice on the best floors for you.


Classic Flooring for Every Home 

Available in a large range of colours and styles, solid timber flooring is a perfect fit for any home. Its greatest advantage is its timeless nature: no matter what interior design trends come and go, timber flooring is always in. Other benefits of solid timber flooring are: 

  • It’s the most authentic looking flooring choice 
  • It will last a lifetime if properly cared for and maintained 
  • It’s imbued with a natural warmth that will improve your home 

Check out our full range of timber floors to find the perfect option for your home.



The exact process for installing timber flooring depends on what flooring is already there. We’ll happily take you through the specific process for your home after you contact us and tell us a bit about your current flooring, but generally the process will look something like this: 


Outdoor Decking

If you’re not building from scratch, we’ll need to strip away whatever carpet, tile, of other type of flooring you currently have.


Prepare subflooring

Depending on the type of subflooring you have, some work may need to be done to make it appropriate for solid timber flooring. Sometimes this will require sanding the subflooring, sometimes concrete needs to be levelled, sometimes moisture barriers need to be installed… We’ll be able to tell you more once we see the floors you have.


Lay down the new flooring

Once everything is prepared, we will lay down the new solid timber flooring – it’s as easy as that!


Choose ITB Floors

At ITB Floors, we’re your local flooring experts. Our fully qualified and professional team has been designing, building, polishing, sanding, and transforming new and old solid timber floors in Melbourne for over 40 years. Whether you’re renovating or building your home, you should give us a call if you want great flooring that will stand the test of time.