Best Hardwood Timber Floors: Maintenance Tips and Advice

Hardwood floors can bring back the elegance and modernity to your home. However, if not treated right, hardwood floors can quickly lose their quality. Here’s some quick, easy tips on how best to maintain your timber floors.

Avoid Dirt and Grit

Tiny grains of dirt and grit are your hardwood timber floors biggest enemy. While they may not seem like a big deal, dirt or sand tear at your hardwood floors as they are walked on by you, destroying the hardwood’s finish and causing a myriad of micro scratches. Vacuum your floors with a soft head or sweep at least once a week. Use walk-off mats at all exterior doors to ensure your Hardwood floors are protected and this will help maintain your homes cleanliness.

Be Wary of the Sun

If your timber floors are located in a room that is direct contact with sunlight, you will have to consider the power of UV rays. The sun may fade or darken the design of your hardwood floors, depending on the timber. As this is inevitable in brightly sun-lit rooms, rotate any rugs or furniture regularly to ensure that you have even sun coverage on your timber floors. Like a bad tan, leaving a rug in once place too long can leave an ugly darker mark on your hardwood floors.

Protect Your Floors

Hardwood timber floors in bathrooms or kitchens are likely to be subjected to many spills or scratches. Use easily washable mats, rugs or carpets to protect your floors in high-spillage areas. If you have pets, cut their nails short to ensure they don’t scratch the floors. This goes for shoes as well – by keeping your shoes (especially high heels!) in good nick, not only will your shoes last longer, but it will decrease the chances of them scratching or damaging your floor!

Use the Right Cleaning Products

Hardwood Timber Floors do not adopt a one-solution-suits-all method, so knowing exactly what products will help clean your floors may save you a lot of money in the long run. Read all instructions on any cleaning products, and if you are unsure, contact ITB Floors to find out the right product for you.

Use the Right Cleaning Method

Important pieces of knowledge, such as knowing how to clean spills on hardwood timber floors will serve your home very well. Direct contact with water can warp and soften the underlying layers of timber, so if there is a spillage, wipe up the spill with a dry cloth or paper towel. If it is a sticky spill, use a slightly dampened cloth, but be sure to dry any residue with a dry cloth or towel.

Some types of hardwood floors require specific care instructions, so please ask ITB Floors for full details – you can call us on 0413 817 781. Follow these simple tips and you will extend the life of your floors and save yourself a lot of money on repairs in the future!