Whitewashing, Staining & Liming of Timber Floors melbourne

At ITB Floors, we have over 40 years’ experience in providing floor installation repairs, including methods of renovating from whitewashing, staining to liming of timber floors. Once you’ve had a timber floor installed in your Melbourne home, there may come a time where you want to update and refresh the way it looks, or cover up any imperfections caused by wear and tear over time. When it comes to refurbishing your timber floors, ITB Floors uses only the latest European water-based coatings and traditional polyurethane finishes including hard wax oil. Before you commit to whitewashing, staining or liming your timber floors, our services include providing tailored advice and a detailed consultation with one of our informative flooring experts to determine the size, design and needs of your particular project.

Whitewashing Timber Floors

Whitewashing timber floors can really enhance a room, making it look more spacious, airy, and inviting. The process involves sanding, and applying a white stain and seal over the top of your current timber floors. Lightening your existing timber floors is a simple and easy way to modernise and brighten your home with sleek and subtle tones and saves you the trouble of installing brand new timber flooring. The method of whitewashing your timber floors creates texture and dimension. Whether you’re after a beachy, farmhouse or ultra-minimalist Scandinavian look, the art of whitewashing timber floors can transform your home instantly. Our flooring experts are meticulous when it comes to the craft of whitewashing timber and can provide you with accurate expectations on how to take care of your new timber floors after the finished result.

Whitewashing Timber Floors

Staining Timber Floors

Staining your timber floors using a topcoat stain is a great way revamp your current flooring to create a polished, sophisticated, and luxurious look. The process will darken your timber floors, without masking the natural characteristics and grains that make wooden floors beautiful and unique. Staining your existing timber floors is a wonderful way to restyle your home, and relieves you from the expenses of installing new timber floors. There are several colours and shades you can choose from for your timber floors, depending on how dark of a finish you want and what kind of interior style you are envisioning for your home. Our team of flooring professionals can not only give you recommendations based on the current condition of your wooden floors, but we also take time to assess your needs beforehand until you’re satisfied with the approach. We make sure to apply the stain directly to the timber to achieve the best possible finish and long-lasting results for all our clients.

Liming Timber Floors

Similar to white washing, liming your timber floors creates a lighter look for your home. Just like white washing, liming your timber will brighten the wood without compromising all its character, knots and natural grains. However, liming does not give you a continuous white colour tone that the white washing approach achieves. Applying a few coats of lime will give your timber floors a whiter, translucent tone and a single coat creates a more transparent white tone. At ITB Floors we use premium, quality lime wash to create a striking, modern and luxurious finish for your timber floors. We work with you in partnership to ensure you’re happy with the style and end result for your lime washed timber floors.

Outdoor Timber Services

We eliminate the mess and hassle of deck finishing and maintenance with our outdoor timber whitewash and timber staining services. Our topcoats are specifically designed to enhance your timber grain while providing protection to your surface against any weathering elements like exposure to UV rays, heavy rain and general wear and tear over time. Our coating range includes gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matt, polyurethanes and water-based finishes.

For further details on refurbishing your timber floors or for advice on white washing, straining and liming finishes, contact our team of friendly flooring professionals at ITB Floors today.

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  • Floors to be sanded extra fine to get a smooth finish.
  • We directly apply stain to timber floor. We do not tint timber floors. Some contractors add stain into the 1st coat of polish therefore providing a tint to the timber flooring. WE DO NOT APPROVE OF THIS METHOD.
  • We always do a sample stain.
    • Samples of stain on the timber floor to be stained for client to choose.
  • We have the latest technology buffing material, that buffs stain into timber floors – providing an equal spread of the stain that avoids overlaps of stain.
  • 3 coats of polish are always applied on stained floors.