Tips for Choosing a Timber Floor to Suit Your Home

Wanting to install timber floors in your home, but you aren’t sure which to choose? With so many different species, finishes and styles, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the options. To help you make the right choice, here are 5 simple tips to help you choose the timber floors that are best suited to the style of your home.

1. Consider Dynamics and Acoustics

Incorporating timber floors in your home can completely change the dynamics of a room. Timber floors can often make rooms feel cooler, especially if you are moving to timber from a floor covering like carpet. Consider which room will thrive from the addition of a timber floor, and you may find yourself saving money on heating or cooling costs down the track!

Sound issues are something that can often be overlooked when selecting a timber floor. Be sure to choose a timber floor that will suit the desired acoustics and layout of your home. For example, to avoid echoing issues for larger homes, be sure to choose a sound absorbing timber. Overall, be aware and ensure you are asking the right questions upon selecting your timber flooring.

2. Does your Home Require a High Durability Solution?

Do you have kids or pets? Are the timber floors going to be in a kitchen, bathroom or living room? These are questions you need to ask yourself before choosing you timber floor. Where you are wanting to install flooring in a bathroom or kitchen, you need to consider flooring that will be tough enough to handle household scratches or spills. If it is in a room that has direct sunlight, consider a timber flooring solution that will not fade from exposure to constant sun. Be conscious of the conditions in each prospective room and assess the kind of flooring needed for each. This will save you money and improve the longevity of your timber flooring.

3. Colors Schemes and Styles

It may seem obvious, but take the time really consider what colors or styles are going to fit in with your home. Many people make the mistake of choosing floor based on what they like about the design, however they forget about how it will become incorporating into their home. Work with the colors in your home, and research all your possible options. You want flooring that is going to bring out your home’s natural personality!

4. Consider Maintenance in your Decision

For you to get the best possible experience of timber floors, your floors will require some TLC. Depending on which type of timber floors you choose, you may be accidentally giving yourself a lot more housework than you might want! Choose floors that not only look great, but will be able to work into your lifestyle! If you don’t look after your floors in the early stages, you may find yourself spending a lot of money on repairing your floors to their former glory.

5. Buying to Your Budget

And finally choose timber floors that will suit to your budget needs. Gorgeous timber floors don’t need to be a costly affair. There will always be a style, type and design to suit your home and your bank balance.

Follow these simple 5 tips, and you’ll be well on your way to making the best decision to suit your home and requirements. Call ITB Floors for advice and support on 0413 817 781.